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BILL AND NANCY DEWEY - Photography (Wildlife)

Bill’s interest in photography began while working on a Photography Merit Badge as a Boy Scout.  Wildlife, Nature and Sports have always interested him, his goal for many years was to capture “that one shot”.  Over time he has come to realize that by being focused on “that one shot” he was missing a lot of what was occurring around him and with his subjects.  Nancy joins Bill on outings throughout the year.  In 2015 one of Nancy’s images, Here’s Looking at You, of two Arctic Foxes won the Best Animal award at the International competition of the Puyallup State Fair.  Nancy prefers photographing mammals to birds, but on occasion she does enjoy the birds, especially the owls.

We now attempt to capture not only “that one shot”, but to understand and record the environment, the feeling, the emotion, that leads up to “that one shot”.  Our greatest hope is that you can get that same feeling of awe and wonder that we do every time we are in the presence of the subjects we photograph.  We owe it all to them.

All images can be printed in many sizes, if you require an image in a size that you don’t see; we can quickly create a print for you.  If you do not see a subject that you are looking for, let the Gallery know and we can check our catalog to see if that subject is available.  We are also available for specific commissioned work; contact us with your needs.

Susan Dawson - Pastel and Oil

Born in Seattle, Susan Dawson's art was influenced from a very early age by her grandfather, an oil painter, and her father, who had a master's degree in art. Both provided significant encouragement for her to pursue her artistic endeavors.

Being raised in a military family provided the opportunity to travel and study in Europe and Asia as a child. Observing art from these cultures exposed Susan to inspiration that she refers to today.

After taking time off from art to raise a family and have a career, she is now a full-time artist and grandmother of five. She has also been accepted and won awards in several juried shows around the Pacific Northwest, such as Edmonds, Mount Lake Terrace, Live Arts Bothell, Arts of Snohomish gallery and the Northwest Pastel Society. Susan currently teaches mixed-media classes at her Snohomish Studio.

BOB GIADROSICH - Hand-forged Traditional Art

I've been illustrating since the late '80's, and have been published in books, games, and magazines, as well as on billboards, CD's, murals and textiles.

Between 2010-2013, I lived in Changsha, China, studying traditional Chinese ink painting, book and product design.

2014: "One Year After: A Sketchbook." 183 sketches with annotations
2007: "A Life of Ravens" by Alex Ness, with illustrations by Mike Grell, Alex Shiekman, Josh Howard, myself, and 23 other artists and photographers.
2006: "Ink: Images and Essays from Bob Giadrosich." 18 years of gaming, book and magazine illustration.

Tracie Howe - Photography

Tracie Howe has had a life full of artistic influence through family and education, which is reflected in her discerning eye and skill in composition. Tracie’s worldwide travels have fine-tuned her vision for photography, allowing her to focus primarily on the nature and landscapes that inspire her most. She manages to exhibit these real world subjects with an almost surreal or whimsical quality, without the use of extreme digital editing techniques or manipulation.

Formerly a resident of Seattle, Tracie now calls Snohomish her home and continues to find inspiration both locally and abroad. While at home she writes a travel blog – Tracie Travels – which documents travel stories, provides travel and photography tips, and serves as a home for her online galleries. She also works as a wedding and portrait photographer, with a focus on elopements and smaller weddings.

More recently she has been found selling her photography at Bothell’s Country Village Shops, and currently at the Snohomish Farmers Market and Arts of Snohomish Gallery. She offers a range of photography services, including commissioned projects, customized pieces to fit in clients’ homes, and personalized photo lessons on location.

To find out more, please visit: or email her at [email protected] .

Hilma Josal - Oil 

Hilma Josal teaches children music in the Snohomish School District. Outside of school, Hilma is an artist. She studied art at the UW and continues to take figure drawing lessons and oil painting lessons in Seattle. 

She has paintings up at the Shelton Rotation Art Gallery, has shown art at the NW Pinball and Arcade Convention in Tacoma, and sold her art at the Equine Life Solutions Medieval Fair in Snohomish. 

While selling art, Hilma plein air paints and loves to do it so much she hopes to participate in the Canon Beach Plein Air Festival this June, and plein air paint again at the Pinball Convention in June, and the Game of Thrones Conventions in May.

SONYA LANG - Photography

Growing up between Woodland Park Zoo and Green Lake in Seattle gave me plenty of opportunity to learn about animals, nature, and the big city. I had an early love of imagery and began to explore the world in shapes, light, line and perspective. Although I am currently working on my animal portrait project titled Beautiful Zoo,  I also enjoy photographing landscape, nature, and portraiture (both animals and people).

FRAN MARTINY - Jewelry - Beading, Metalwork

A broken string on a garnet necklace bought in India opened a whole new world of adventure. I wanted to learn how to repair it myself, and soon started enrolling in jewelry classes of all types – beading stitches, loom, wire-wrapping, silver, metal, clay, fusing…

As a new world of shapes, colors and textures opened up, I discovered the Arts of Snohomish and joined in 2013. My goal is to make jewelry for others to love that feels artful, comfortable and enjoyable to wear.

JOAN PINNEY - Watercolor

The inspiration for Joan's paintings comes from her extensive travels in the Pacific Northwest. The San Juans and the Oregon and Washington Coast provide many themes for her maritime paintings. Dramatic skies, sun washed houses, mountains, quiet harbors and sail boats all contribute to her creativity. Travels to other countries are also a great inspiration, Italy and England are favorites.

Joan's paintings have been jury selected in regional and national shows including the Northwest Watercolor Society's annual show and the Frye Museum's Puget Sound Area Exhibition. In 1999 Joan received the Northwest Watercolor Society's purchase award. Foss Maritime has selected Joan's paintings for six of their calendars.  In the 2008 West Coast Paper Exhibition, Joan's painting was chosen for the third place award.

In 2014, the Arts Council of Snohomish County (Schack Art Center) named Joan “Artist of the Year” for Snohomish County.

Joan is a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society and a founding member of the Sky Valley Artists Guild and the Arts of Snohomish Gallery.

Joan's specialty is watercolors of Northwest and maritime scenes, including lighthouses, sailboats, and seascapes. Joan's artwork is currently being displayed at Arts of Snohomish Galley in Snohomish, Washington.

TAMMY POOL - Photography, Oil and Acrylic Enhanced Photos

Tammy is driven by a love for the beauty and elegance found in natural forms, particularly flowers. She excels at capturing nuances of light and bringing out subtle details to create classically lovely images.

Her unique blend of style comes from years of using her broad range of artistic and photographic experience.   She also enjoys working with oil and acrylic paints.

She currently lives in Duvall, Washington with her husband of over 38 years, and enjoys spending time with their 3 daughters and 3 grand kids who all live nearby.


Claire Ridlon- being an Artist is something she has enjoyed since childhood. She has lived in Washington State all of her life with the colors of the seasons all around her.
She is an award winning Artist and Member of the NORTHWEST PASTEL SOCIETY & of THE PLEINE AIR PAINTERS OF WASHINGTON and a long standing member of THE ARTS OF SNOHOMISH GALLERY in Snohomish, Washington.

KATHRYN STERLEY - Oils, Acrylic, & Watercolor

Kathryn Sterley has been painting for about 30 years. She has taken many drawing, oil and watercolor painting classes throughout her career. Learning to create realistic illustrations and paintings that tell a story and evoke feeling is what she hopes to achieve. The love and enjoyment of both painting and drawing are what keep her returning to the easel.

The main contributor to her education in art is Mother Nature. Kathy has learned to observe the wonders of nature in the way trees, flowers and plants grow the cloud formations and color palette that is created in the sky each day. Landscapes, wildlife and her much loved black labs are subjects that she especially enjoys painting. She is always in awe of the beauty of God’s creations.

Local fairs, libraries and restaurants are some of the places where her art has been on display. Kathy also does commissioned paintings. She contributes her love of art to a large, wonderful family. Kathy was born in Everett, Washington and grew up in Snohomish, Washington. She attended the University of Washington and received her Bachelor of Arts in English and a teaching degree in elementary education. Being a Seahawk fan and cheering for her team gives her a lot of pleasure.

Taking an art class whenever possible is a joy for Kathy as she feels that there is always more to learn and ways to create and communicate art and feeling. There is an evident pride in her voice when she speaks about the Arts of Snohomish, as she was one of the founding members of this gallery. Washington is the place she loves as her family is here and the people living in this state are the best around. Of course, another important reason is that this area provides an endless variety of landscapes and subjects to paint!