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Steve Kennedy - Oil Pastels

One of the benefits of living in WA is it’s natural scenic beauty.  Like many others in the PNW,  I’ve spent a lifetime exploring the back roads and wilderness pathways,  absorbing inspiration from the next mountain vista, rugged coastline, sun drenched vineyard or alpine lake.  My desire is to convey some of that beauty to others and invite them into a scene by drawing out the colors and intensifying them into re-stylized shapes, hues and values through my use of oil pastels.   




My pastels are applied to a wood panel with a colored gesso base.  Because oil pastels never completely dry, the completed work is covered with three coats of a high-quality, oil pastel sealer which prevents smudging.  The dried sealer is then covered with three coats of satin lacquer. The finished panel is mounted on a solid maple frame that is custom built in my studio/shop.

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