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Annika Elizabeth - Acrylic, Watercolor

A colorful spectrum of sensory emotions shared through art.

Primarily focusing on the use of acrylic paint, my work comes to life through a spectrum of emotions, whether they are mine or belong to someone else. I love to channel the individual sentiments of others, and how they may experience them, along with how I may interpret them. I turn this into abstract color.

I utilize music and conversation that brings another joy. Together, we colorfully co-create, finding parallels with others who sense their environment differently than you or I. We begin to form a flow of connectedness; an agreement, reconciling on the spectrum of emotions to be had.

Much of my work can be turned for a new point of view, and within each turn, the observer will have yet another perspective. In this case it is my opinion, that each work of art, and each connection made between the viewer and artist is a collaboration.

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