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Dru Duffey - Watercolor

Dru Duffey was born in Kirkland, Wa to a musical family, so creativity is in her genes. Despite being told repeatedly that she didn’t have artistic talent, she continued to find pleasure in creating. She chose a career in pediatric nursing because of her love for science and children. Yet she never lost her creative desires and was constantly experimenting through crafts and decorating.

While considering a career change in 2007 she took an online course in interior decorating and became certified in that area.

While doing sketches of room layouts she was surprised to see that they were really quite good, and in fact, she could draw. As she continued to experiment she tried out watercolor pencils to get bolder more intense colors and was instantly hooked. The fluid unpredictable nature of the watercolor intrigued her. So she took it a step further began to study with Darlene Lucas, a watercolorist in Edmonds Wa.

She loved the experience and later decided to retire from nursing in 2012 and pursue watercolor full time.

Always loving the Pacific Northwest for its amazing landscapes and easy access to nature in it’s many forms, Dru uses the familiar images and her own photography as well as the facebook group Photos For Artists as inspiration for her art.

Her mission is to capture God’s light in nature. Each recent painting of light is the result of experimentation, exploration, and discovery. She finds creating light filled art enhances her faith and hopes it brings encouragement and beauty to everyone who sees it.

Dru paints exclusively with watercolor paint. She paints on wood, canvas, birch bark, watercolor paper, and Yupo paper. Most recently she has been experimenting with more abstract paintings using lots of water on Yupo and allowing the paints to mingle, granulate, and create their own motion. Dru received the honorable mention award for her painting titled: Creation II in the online watercolor competition held by the J. Mane Gallery of New York: Her painting, “Stand Firm On Your Foundation” is currently entered into the Engage Art Competition and can be see here:

Dru now lives in Lake Stevens, Wa and is the proud mother of two grown children. She feels blessed to be able to include her daughter in law and three amazing grandchildren as part of her family. They all enhance her days with love and life.

Many of her images can also be found on clothing, stationary, and home decor through Red Bubble. Other ways to see her work are on her website: and her Etsy store:

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