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David Demarest - Photography

It is the beauty and often unique aspects of both the natural and built world in which we live that inspire my photographs.  Often there is a story, but not always.  I take pleasure in capturing images of subjects that many are not able to see or enjoy, or perhaps don’t have the patience or equipment to adequately capture what I see.  Having the ability to capture these images, and then share with those that are appreciative of my work is personally rewarding and gives me pleasure and purpose.


I live outside Monroe, Washington, and pursue photo opportunities around my home and further afield.   Whether it be landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife, or horses, I am constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration as I continue to explore, share, and learn!   With more time in my life (I am a mostly retired real estate broker), I am excited about what is to come!  My camera of choice is currently a Sony A7IV. 

David S Demarest

IG: demarest312

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