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Kathryn Sterley - Oils, Acrylic, & Watercolor

Kathryn Sterley has been painting for about 35 years. She has taken many drawing, oil and watercolor painting classes throughout her career. Learning to create realistic illustrations and paintings that tell a story and evoke feeling is what she hopes to achieve. The love and enjoyment of both painting and drawing are what keep her returning to the easel.

The main contributor to her education in art is Mother Nature. Kathy has learned to observe the wonders of nature in the way trees, flowers and plants grow the cloud formations and color palette that is created in the sky each day. Landscapes, wildlife and her much loved black labs are subjects that she especially enjoys painting. She is always in awe of the beauty of God’s creations.

Local fairs, libraries and restaurants are some of the places where her art has been on display. Kathy also does commissioned paintings. She contributes her love of art to a large, wonderful family. Kathy was born in Everett, Washington and grew up in Snohomish, Washington. She attended the University of Washington and received her Bachelor of Arts in English and a teaching degree in elementary education. Being a Seahawk fan and cheering for her team gives her a lot of pleasure.

Taking an art class whenever possible is a joy for Kathy as she feels that there is always more to learn and ways to create and communicate art and feeling. There is an evident pride in her voice when she speaks about the Arts of Snohomish, as she was one of the founding members of this gallery. Washington is the place she loves as her family is here and the people living in this state are the best around. Of course, another important reason is that this area provides an endless variety of landscapes and subjects to paint!

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